ProductThe Smart Baby Sleep™ System by Science Mommy

Get All-Access to the six 20-30 minute lessons of the Smart Baby Sleep Course below!

Or, for Premium level coaching, join my small coaching group of just 5 participants, forming now! Contact me to save $100:

This small group coaching offering allows me to get to know you and your baby personally and understand the details of your unique situation as they evolve through the steps outlined in the online course. This allows me to streamline and optimize the application of the system for you and tweak advice based on your progress, getting results faster and making the whole experience more enjoyable. I can track your experience and help you pivot in real time as you navigate the necessary changes you need for your family, gently and with attachment and optimum brain development as a central focus.

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Want to do-it-yourself and save? The online course takes you through the paces of the Smart Baby Sleep system for a fraction of the price of Premium. It’s designed to replicate the experience of 6 coaching sessions and gives you all the tools you need to get the best sleep your unique baby is capable of (with absolutely no crying it out!) If you find that you need a little more personalized help later, you can always contact me to apply the cost of the course to the Premium Support Group.


The Smart Baby Sleep™ System by Science Mommy