ProductLesson 3: Optimize Baby’s Sleep Environment

Congratulations! With the Smart Baby Sleep System’s first “Pillar” – the sleep environment – you’ll be on your way to naturally improving the sleep durations each and every time your baby sleeps. Coaching clients who’ve implemented these tips often enjoy 50% improvement in excessive night waking and short naps (less than one sleep cycle).


Limited time offer: special introductory pricing on the entire course and membership in the private group. That’s all six lessons (two of which have multiple 20 minute videos) taking you step-by-step through the Smart Baby Sleep system. In addition to optimizing the sleep environment, you will learn:

  • How to ensure smooth transitions (e.g., to day care, crib, night weaning) to keep baby feeling safe and secure using “The Nudge”, a neurologically-informed technique.
  • How to tune into your baby and protect them from toxic distress while improving their sleep.
  • How to get to the source of each night waking and reduce them, one at a time, as age appropriate.
  • How to feed for better, longer sleep and avoid the feeding mistakes that interrupt the sleep cycle.
  • How to recognize culturally biased expectations and gain the mindset to overcome them.
  • The 3 Pillars of Smart Baby Sleep, which once in place gets you the best sleep biologically possible for your individual baby.
  • Numerous techniques to avoid non-hunger wakings and increase security so your baby will naturally be more contented and sleep longer!
  • Case study reviews of real clients show how to put all the steps and techniques together for the best sleep biologically possible.

Plus, you’ll get membership in the Science Mommy Secureline private Facebook group for ongoing support, exclusive content, and community connection.

This online course is designed to replicate the Premium Science Mommy coaching package for a fraction of the price and time it takes to learn and now you can save $50 more! Saving time and money is good when you’re a tired parent of a baby (I remember!)

Get All-Access to the six 20-30 minute lessons of the Smart Baby Sleep Course for $147 (for a limited time.)

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Lesson 3: Optimize Baby's Sleep Environment