Single Phone or Skype Session:
A phone coaching session gives you the analysis and advice you need to practically apply developmental brain science to any challenge for your unique baby and family needs. It takes you through the paces of the Smart Baby Sleep™ system, showing you how to optimize sleep without stress or conditioning (the alternative to the cry it out method) and alerts you to underlying contributing causes for sleep disturbance. 45-60 minutes of one-on-one guidance.
If, after the call you’d like 6 weeks of personalized, group coaching, apply your $95 toward my Premium Support Small Group! Both the Premium Coaching Package (below) and the Premium Support Small Group include membership to the Smart Baby Sleep System online course.
Premium Private Coaching Package:
1. A review of your case/concerns including customized application of the Smart Baby Sleep™ system.
2. A 45-60 minute phone session to clearly define goals and start immediately addressing concerns (as detailed in consultation description above).
3. A written, customized plan to directly affect your concerns and reach your individual goals and  techniques tailored to your unique baby, based on developmental brain science. We work together to meet your baby where she/he is – her “comfort baseline” and gently “nudge” her from there, toward the goal. This plan is a recap and captures the ways we’ll accomplish that.
4.Unlimited Direct Access to me privately on Facebook Messenger for 6 weeks so you can ask any questions as they arise as you’re implementing the your sleep plan and the Smart Baby Sleep system (see course included below). Typical response time is within a couple of hours and never more than a day. Often we have short real-time conversations and immediate responses. We also utilize voice clips so you can give me updates and I can get feedback and instruction as needed.
5. Unlimited Direct Access for ongoing questions through the secret Facebook group, “Science Mommy Secureline” to further advise and support you as you implement your individualized plan or encounter new questions. (please allow 1-2 days for response, though we often live chat as well.) This offering also provides community support from like-minded parents who are also implementing the Smart Baby Sleep System! (for 6 months!)
5. Two additional follow up phone sessions or 2, one hour Facebook messenger sessions to augment Science Mommy Secureline support, as needed. (e.g., to ensure the right challenge and emotional balance is being maintained.)
6. Lifetime membership and all-access to the Smart Baby Sleep System online course! I recommend you complete this before your first phone session to have a good foundation going in. This is the only true no-cry system to improve baby and toddler sleep naturally. Let’s get started!

Discounted Coaching Package:
Please only select if you’ve already purchased the consulting session and would like to apply your $95 toward the Premium Coaching Package detailed above.
Questions? Private Message me on Facebook or email me at I’m looking forward to helping you get more sleep and have a great babyhood!