Let me show you how to optimize your baby’s sleep naturally and then “Nudge” gently to any needed changes. There are two ways to join: The Online Course Membership or the Premium Coaching Package. The Smart Baby Sleep System online course lessons are jam packed with the best tips, strategies, and synthesis of best practices organized into a step-by-step system based on how babies and toddlers learn and grow neurologically and psychologically. Learn to solve sleep challenges conveniently while you work around the house or rock your baby, in 20-30 minute sessions.

Option 1: Online Course Membership

Membership Includes:

  • Immediate and unlimited access to the 6, 20-30 minute Smart Baby Sleep lessons of the Smart Baby Sleep System
  • References cited, printable checklists, formulas, and charts to help you work “the no cry system based on brain science”
  • Exclusive wake-time formulas, by month of age, essential mantras, and case studies demonstrating how to make the 3 Pillars of Smart Baby Sleep work together, a morale-boosting blueprint for surviving sleep deprivation and optimizing your baby or toddler’s sleep naturally and thoroughly
  • Membership in my private Facebook group, Science Mommy Secureline for direct help from me, community support and sharing success, for one month.
  • I also often post video tutorials based on your questions in the private group. The Secureline group is where you can learn from each other too, as you implement the system together.

Option 2: Premium Coaching Package

The premium package includes everything in option 1, plus 6 months of group coaching and continuous, private communication with me directly through FB messenger for 2 months, PLUS four, 60-min. live group phone sessions to help as you’re going through the steps detailed in the online course. You and your spouse, partner or care provider are also included in my Science Mommy Secureline private Facebook group for direct and immediate customization of the Smart Baby Sleep system for your child, ongoing Q&A, and community support from like-minded parents who follow their instincts and nurture their little one’s developing brain. This Membership and private coaching with continuous chat and video live coaching allows me to get to know you and your baby/toddler personally and understand the details of your unique situation as they evolve through the steps outlined in the online course. This allows me to streamline and optimize the application of the system for you and tweak advice based on your progress in real time, getting results faster and making the whole experience more enjoyable. I can track your experience and help you pivot in real time (via FB messenger support) as you navigate the necessary changes you need for your family, gently, and with attachment and optimum brain development as a central focus.

With the Smart Baby Sleep System online course You will learn:

  • How to ensure smooth transitions (e.g., to day care, crib, night weaning) without distress, to keep baby feeling safe and secure
  • How to use “The Nudge”, a neurologically-informed technique that helps your baby learn and grow toward a goal without distress
  • How to tune into your baby and protect them from toxic distress while improving their sleep environment, circadian rhythm, and tolerance for change
  • How to get to the source of each night waking and reduce them, one at a time, as age appropriate
  • How to feed, nap, and play with your baby or toddler for better, longer sleep
  • How to recognize culturally biased expectations and guard against them, giving your baby the healthiest brain development for emotional health and giving you the most peace of mind!
  • The 3 Pillars of Smart Baby Sleep, which once in place gets you the best sleep biologically possible for your individual baby with NO SLEEP TRAINING!
  • The top three sleep myths that are holding you back from the happiest, healthiest babyhood with your little one and mantras to bust them
  • How learning to “self-sooth” really happens, neurologically, and how to tell if and how much your baby can do it. (hint: not at all at first!)
  • The best techniques to avoid non-hunger wakings and increase security so your baby will naturally be more contented and sleep longer
  • Case study reviews of real clients show how to put all the steps and techniques together for the best sleep biologically possible

You Get:

  • The best sleep biologically possible at each stage by eliminated the unnecessary disturbances (internal and external) that cause your baby/toddler to wake other than hunger or comfort (and you’ll know how to minimize even those last two reasons)
  • Peace of mind knowing you are working with your baby’s neurological development and protecting his developing sense of security, attachment, stress-response system, emotional development, and sense of self
  • Confidence that comes with a knowledge base that helps you understand your baby psychologically. This will take you through the toddler years and beyond in fulfilling, developmentally healthy ways
  • More sleep and time to replenish your energy to be the parent you want to be!

Premium Membership $649

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Or Option 1 if you want all-Access to the six, 20-30 minute lessons of the Smart Baby Sleep Course with written “workbook” summaries, and one month of ongoing group support in the private group for $97 (you can continue to stay in the group after one month for $49/month.) That’s UNLIMITED Group Coaching directly with me AND with community support! Message me for sample threads within our wonderful group.

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