What do doctors and psychologists – many of whom are clients – think about the Smart Baby Sleep™ system online course?

“Paying attention to cues and understanding attachment comes naturally to me as a clinical social worker and mental health therapist. I’ve been advocating the need for empathetic care in the first years of life with all the families I have worked with over the years, so finding Angela’s approach was perfect. The Smart Baby Sleep System helped me trust my instincts and continue parenting my child in a way that felt right to me. I purchased a coaching package from Angela in May 2016, when we were transitioning my then 5-month-old away from co-sleeping. Introduction of the nudge, and the wake time formulas (detailed in the online course) completely changed how we viewed sleep and naptime. It has informed our decision making with our now 13-month-old ever since. As a coach, Angela was an amazing support through various stages of my daughter’s life, and I am happy to report, although naps remain imperfect, thanks to the Smart Baby Sleep System, my 13-month-old is sleeping 12 hours a night in her crib!”

-Laura Kinney, LISW, LCSW, LMHP, PLADC. Clinical Social Worker, Family Therapist, Smart Baby Sleep Client

“Finally, an evidence based, nurturing strategy to help your baby to sleep without crying.  As a therapist specializing in women’s issues including antenatal and postpartum depression, anxiety and transitional issues, I frequently see overwhelmed and exhausted mothers who are uncomfortable with intentionally letting their baby cry in distress.  I am grateful to be able to refer new mothers to use the Smart Baby Sleep system.  Angela uses her personal experience and developmental neurospsychological research to teach parents and caregivers techniques that work and that they can feel good about using.”

-Jennifer Tardelli, MA, LPC, NCC. Psychotherapist. www.jennifertardelli.com


“Helping parents through sleep challenges while protecting attachment is a tall order and the Smart Baby Sleep system by Angela Braden nails it. Attachment experts demonstrated decades ago the mental health advantages of following our instinctual destinies toward responsive parenting and creating strong bonds. With Angela’s system, trust is strengthened, rather than broken; natural instincts are followed, rather than fought. I become frustrated by supposed infant sleep experts who teach mothers to take away every natural instinctual tool that babies possess for inducing sleep, and then to try to “teach” them to sleep. With Smart Baby Sleep, Angela Braden brings a much wiser approach.” -Dr. Linda Folden Palmer, Author of Baby Matters: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby www.babyreference.com

 I highly recommend the Smart Baby Sleep System. Initially the background information or science behind my daughter’s development was most interesting to me. It supports the way I care for my baby and helped me understand why what I’m doing is good and makes sense even though it’s not a quick fix. I’m a neuropsychologist and psychotherapist for adults and believe that this method lays very good groundwork for a basic feeling of security which is highly important for mental health later on. I also appreciate that the steps are clear and realistic and left no unanswered questions. With other methods, I always came to a point where I’d think: well, if I do that, then she’ll start crying like crazy and then what?! And the Smart Baby Sleep system course factors in those issues. It’s not a method that will make your baby sleep through the night within a week or whatever. It’s a method that lets you provide your baby with support during his sleep development and make it as tolerable for you as possible and then also helps you make subtle changes that won’t shock your baby but nudge him towards better sleep or better falling asleep or change in other sleep issues.
As you can tell, I’m a fan!”

Christa Diezi, M.S. Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, & Smart Baby Sleep Client.