Do you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place with your baby’s sleep? If you’re exhausted and can’t function from the frequent sleep disruption, but you also don’t want to sleep train your baby, you are in the right place!

If you don’t think conditioning your baby that you will not respond so they give up and fall asleep on their own is the way to go, this alternative is for you. If you need to proactively transition your baby to changes in order to avoid a desperate situation, I have good news for you: It can be done with no crying!

I’ve been there!

And I know there is no more desperate feeling than wanting to care for your baby in a loving, attentive way but being debilitated by exhaustion. I’ve felt the painful regret of following conventional “baby training” advice and the extreme pressure from conflicting experts. That’s exactly why 5 years ago, when my daughter was an infant, I developed this system during her first year sleep struggles. I did this while studying developmental neuro-psychology and applying what I learned to baby sleep challenges. This is what makes the Smart Baby Sleep System by Science Mommy so different. Every aspect of it is developmentally ideal for babies, which means absolutely no ignoring their cries!

Over the following 5 years:

I streamlined and perfected this system, reflecting my personal experience helping hundreds of parents through Science Mommy coaching. Now, the resulting best practices are streamlined into a step-by-step system designed to provide the value of a Premium Coaching Package for a fraction of the cost.

This method combines the best baby sleep techniques from over 40 baby sleep books, updates and merges them based on years of experience working with parents right where you are now – all using developmental science. This video course will provide the best baby sleep insights in a fraction of the time it would take to read just one book or attend one Interpersonal Neurobiology conference (I’ve done this for you . . . Because you’re tired!)

I know you will find this course packed with value

But if you need additional help going through the paces, no worries! All course participants are now added to my Science Mommy Secureline private Facebook group for ongoing Q&A and community support from like-minded parents!

There is a way through that desperately stuck place. Let me show you how to optimize your baby’s sleep naturally and then “Nudge” gently to any needed changes. Each lesson is jam packed with the best tips, strategies, and synthesis of best practices organized into a step-by-step system you can learn while you nurse or hold your baby in 20-30 minute sessions, including detailed case studies on “The Nudge” technique (exclusive to Science Mommy and the Smart Baby Sleep system).


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Enter this online course now and you get:

  • Immediate and unlimited access to the 6, 20-30 minute Smart Baby Sleep lessons, with video and audio for your convenience.
  • References cited, printable checklists, formulas, and charts to help you work the system just like I do for my clients.
  • Exclusive wake-time formulas, essential mantras, case studies demonstrating how to make the 3 Pillars of Smart Baby Sleep work together, a morale-boosting blueprint for surviving those early months of sleep deprivation, and more.
  • Free Membership in my private Facebook group, Science Mommy Secureline!

You will learn:

  • How to ensure smooth transitions (e.g., to day care, crib, night weaning) to keep baby feeling safe and secure using “The Nudge”, a neurologically-informed technique.
  • How to tune into your baby and protect them from toxic distress while improving their sleep.
  • How to get to the source of each night waking and reduce them, one at a time, as age appropriate.
  • How to feed for better, longer sleep.
  • How to recognize culturally biased expectations and guard against them.
  • The 3 Pillars of Smart Baby Sleep, which once in place gets you the best  sleep biologically possible for your individual baby.
  • The top three sleep myths that are holding you back from the happiest, healthiest babyhood with your little one.
  • How learning to “self-sooth” really happens, neurologically, and how to tell if and how much your baby can do it. (hint: not at all at first!)
  • The best techniques to avoid non-hunger wakings and increase security so your baby will naturally be more contented and sleep longer!
  • Case study reviews of real clients show how to put all the steps and techniques together for the best sleep biologically possible.

You Get:

  • The best sleep biologically possible at each stage by eliminated the unnecessary disturbances (internal and external) that cause your baby to wake other than hunger or comfort (and you’ll know how to minimize even those last two reasons).
  • Peace of mind knowing you are working with your baby’s neurological development and protecting his developing sense of security, attachment, and sense of self.
  • Case study reviews of real clients show how to put all the steps and techniques together for the best sleep biologically possible.
  • Confidence that comes with a knowledge base that helps you understand your baby psychologically. This will take you through the toddler years and beyond in fulfilling, developmentally healthy ways.

Get All-Access to the six 20-30 minute lessons of the Smart Baby Sleep Course for $197

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Just want to dip your toes in the waters of stress-free sleep tips? Lessons one through three will give you a solid foundation to begin optimizing your baby’s sleep by understanding why babies wake and how to help them sleep longer naturally. After you’ve completed lessons 1-3, you will have the option to apply the $47 toward the full course!

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OR Choose Premium Support Group Membership, complete with all-access to the six lessons of the course, plus weekly live chat coaching sessions and office-hours phone check-ins with me personally (Angela, AKA Science Mommy), unlimited daily access to Angela via chat or email and like-minded parent support in the Science Mommy private Facebook group, and exclusive bonus case studies. Learn more.

Not sure?

Check out Lesson One: Foundations of the System for FREE and see if The Smart Baby Sleep System’s foundation and mindset is for you! And this video overview of the course will give you more details.

And see what neuroscientists and clinical psychologists say about the Smart Baby Sleep System.

Best wishes and sleep well,