No-Cry Sleep System Based on Brain Science

Exhausted and can’t function from baby’s sleep disruption, but you don’t want to let your baby or toddler cry-it-out? The Smart Baby Sleep System is about to change your life! It’s a method that honors your attachment bond and your instincts to comfort your little one. This course will show you why your instincts are scientifically valid. On a practical level, Conditioning your baby that you will not respond through cry-it-out sleep training often backfires, making sleep worse because security is disrupted. That’s when many parents turn to me to reestablish security and healthy sleep. But you don’t have to go through that at all! You don’t have to sleep train to get the sleep you desperately need. There is a better way!

I’ve worked with hundreds of parents for over 8 years to improve babies’ and toddlers’ sleep cycles and transition to more independent sleep within a responsive, high-nurturing approach with absolutely no “let-cry” tactics. The Smart Baby Sleep System ™ is an attachment-based, developmental neuroscience-informed methodology, with step-by-step strategies to gently improve naps and night sleep in research-supported ways. We actually use your baby’s signals as a guide as you work toward sleep goals, never ignoring them. You always respond to your child using your instincts, never stifling them as other methods require.

I’ve been there!

As a mom, I know there is no more desperate feeling than wanting to care for your baby or toddler in a loving, attentive way but being debilitated by exhaustion. I’ve felt the painful regret of following conventional “baby training” advice and the extreme pressure from conflicting experts. I developed the Smart Baby Sleep system™ during my own baby’s first year sleep struggles while studying developmental neuro-psychology and applying what I learned to her sleep challenges. This is what makes the Smart Baby Sleep System by Science Mommy so different – it’s developmentally appropriate based on neuro-psychological needs. This has lead doctors, neuroscientists, and mental health professionals to flock to my system. After I cracked the code on gentle sleep improvement, I streamlined and perfected the Smart Baby Sleep system ™, reflecting my personal experience helping hundreds of parents through Science Mommy coaching. Now, the resulting best practices are streamlined into a step-by-step system designed to provide everything you need to be successful.

I created this system and membership because I believe babies raised this way will change the world for the better and because *YOU* NEED TO SLEEP to be a happy, healthy “mirror” for your little one’s rapid brain development. This is because mental health is so formative during this time that the brain is growing from 25-75 percent of it’s volume and setting up social, emotional, and stress response systems that will last a lifetime. This video course and membership will provide the best baby and toddler sleep insights in a fraction of the time it would take you to read just one of the text books it’s based on or attend one Interpersonal Neurobiology conference that influenced it. (I’ve done this for you . . . Because you’re tired!) Don’t stay stuck. You deserve to enjoy this precious time with your little one.

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